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First off I think you have done a wonderful job making this file, and as a note it also motivated me to up grade to the latest version of AB 3.4
I have some questions:
Is there a way to have the moral/range/shot show up with each unit description. The headers are there but no numbers.
how does the unit card work, and if it does how can I get it to print up cards for each unit? This would help when demoing the game for many people and is a nice addition.
Does the mobile app work yet or is it still in development, is it for phones and Ipads or still in the creation stage?
In older version of AB it would also give a print out validation does it still do this or not anymore. I saw the print out of unit type and I like the page on special rules that was very nice bar graph break down.

I think that this is working well and did not have any problems with using it today.

Thank you for you hard work.

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