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Originally Posted by Wolfmamma View Post
Is there a link to the AB Warzone Resurrection maintainers file similar to the one for Warhammer 40K?

I have a number of issues/errors I have located within the program that I want to report, such as the Brotherhood AC-19 Volcano Assault rifle with Scope has range 28 not the 24" you have listed it as. The Brotherhood Psychic opower The visage of the Ghostly Light stats are wrong and should read as R: 24 S:16 ROF: 1 AVV:3 Psychic (S).

For Bauhaus the squad upgrade Steady Aim is being charged on a model by model basis. The 15 points cost should be on a squad basis.
Okay, I've got these incorporated in to the latest beta (available here) . Dropbox is being a bit slow, so give it some time to upload.

When creating a Ranged Warlord using the creation rules, the warlords weapon stat line is wrong. It should read as R:24* St:14* ROF:2* AVV:2* before any modified purchases are added or subtracted to the weapon. the AVV is currently listed as "0" instead of "2".
Is this the basic BYO Ranged Warlord or Heroes of the Solar System? If Basic, which Megacorp?

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