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Thanks Carter and merci, Garfunkel
That's been the typical response, unfortunately.

Rag-Narok only shares unit data with Confrontation. The restrictions on building an army in Rag-Narok are much more involved. I'm not complaining, but that's the truth.

I though I could just take the Confrontation files and build Rag-Narok around them. But there's no way. I've had to start from scratch with Rag-Narok as a totally seperate game. As Rackham comes out with the Army Packs and new units and characters every month, they push the limit on what's already been "set in stone" in the basic AB files. So, many times I am faced with fudging something that would have been nice to have known at the start of the file creation. For instance, magic users being able to change Elements. Sounds easy, and it wasn't too much work, but if I would have known that from the start I could have done something in the files that would have made it easier to set up.

So, yeah. I stand by Confrontation being the more widely played game, so that file gets the most work. I do Rag-Narok as time allows, and time is getting a little less restrictive.

Just be patient. I don't want to let files loose that don't work either.

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