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Oh dear, I chime in with the "get this content market thing over so they can get on to features I personally want"-crowd. For me that's the web-view (with stress on view, just want to show my players stuff on any device).

I long ago learned that the CM won't be what I wanted it to be: integrated in the program itself and a source for small tidbits like NPCs, sidequest or location. Instead it will probably be modules downloadable from the website. Meh.

Having worked in software development, I agree that the main problem here is the communication. Maybe they bit off more than they can chew, but talking about "soon" all the time loses you the support of even the most die-hard fans. Instead do what has been suggested several times and just give short updates about what you did in your last week/sprint: "spent all week hunting a bug. still haven't found it", "restructured the database to integrate field X without breaking everything", "reworked the UI, looked horrible, reset everything", ...
Let people know that you ARE working, even if there's no tangible output.

But for me, I couldn't care less about the CM anymore, but I DO care about Realm Works as a tool that made my DMing so much easier!
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