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Originally Posted by Exmortis View Post
............. all this work towards this mystical magical fantasy of a content market has been exhausting. Especially when it has been the sole reason features I want are held up.

No, the blame falls squarely on LWD, for not managing the project, for not understanding the project.
I remain hopeful that some day, before we replace pen and paper with holodecks, it will see some features I want, and even a content market. But even I can't remain positive about broken promises forever.
WELL put..
and before LWD emerges from the shadows to say, "we the lowly forum supporters, don't know all the details" "shouldn't / don't assume what you don't know" or "things are far more complex than the forum population knows" etc......

Remember, you conveniently leave out those who have been suffering WITH you and have hundreds of years of combined experience in a multitude of similar and supported job types that would understand better than you give them credit for and could in theory help from a community standpoint............

But instead, You have chosen to sail the storm alone and in silence for fear of negative critique (some warranted and some not), yet as my grandfather often told me, "silence gives consent".

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