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Originally Posted by Guiche007 View Post
Here's the script:

The problem that i have is that it's not only calculating the lvl of the Psychic Rogue classe but all of them. My caractere is lvl 8 (2 swordsage and 6 Psychic Rogue) normally it should count only the 6 lvl in psychic rogue for the sneak ability but it count the swordsage too.

Thanks in advance
Ok, where is this script? I assume this is being run on a class special for the Psychic Rogue? If that's the case, then your script should make the variable sneak equal to 2. To verify that you can add to the bottom of your script the following:

debug sneak
Recompile. Then in the portfolio go to Develop -> Floating Info Windows -> Show Debug Output.

If the debug window shows 2 then xTotalLev is correct, and something else is increasing your Sneak Attack damage. If it shows 3 then we need to figure out why xTotalLev is 2 higher than it should be. Unfortunately, I would need to see more either way. Perhaps you could post your .user file (or send it to me at my google mail account - sendric) and portfolio.
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