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Originally Posted by Guiche007 View Post
Hi Sendric,

I would like it if you can but danger sense is linked with the psionic focus ability. If psionic focus is expended it loss all the benefit. I have no idea how to do it.
In the community set, I added a condition for psionic focus. You can use a script to determine whether or not its checked before applying the effects of the ability. It's probably sourced to d20 psionics support. Since Uncanny Dodge doesn't really change any settings, what you can do is look for whether psionic focus is off, and if so, delete the tag [Helper.ShowSpec]. If you need help with the specific code, I'll take a look later when I am in front of HL.

PS Come to think of it, I believe there may be some feats in the 3.5 - Complete Psionics.user file that do exactly this. You might want to take a look through them.
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