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Originally Posted by dungeonguru View Post
Hmm, wonder if we can still put in the hero lab classic portfolio as a foreign object, forcing it to open Hero Labs "Classic" - it reduces the usefulness of having Classic and auto-editting/integration though.

This is beginning to sour me on hlo and realm works as a combo, I play in one of the rural states where wifi and internet connections are not a guarantee everywhere. My hometown is well connected but I regularly go to areas without even decent cellular coverage. Anyway, rant off.

Conandy, I just go to File.. and Open Portfolio... and can choose any of the .stock files. Not sure what you're doing different.
I very much doubt the Hero Lab Classic Snippets within Realm Works are going anywhere. They will leave them as they are for those people still using Hero Lab Classic.

The difference I imagine will be the official content will come with both versions and as users we can then choose which one to use and which ones to add.

Nothing to rant about here

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