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What I've done is made copies of the SRD & community .stock files in the hero labs 5e folder.

C:\ProgramData\Hero Lab\data\5e\ - anything ending in .stock that is SRD or COM (I ignore the KP stuff).

- SRD Creatures Aboleth-Doppelganger.stock (etcetera, etc.)

You CAN edit the .stock files and stick portraits on each creature in Hero Labs. I made copies because each program and community update overwrites these stock files and I lose my pictures every update otherwise.

The downside is that the encounter builder now shows two of every creature in the builder, one with a picture, one without. UNLESS, you get around that by MOVING the existing .stock files to a backup folder on your desktop, or somewhere away from the 5e folder.

The .stock files are exactly the same format as your portfolio files.

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