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Ah, the aNormMod. Decided to look at that myself, at one point that thing worked and now it does some weird stuff. Anyhow, the aNormMod really only applies to advancing your attribute bonuses at every 4th level. It is used in conjunction with the uINT thing that represents that advancement.

I've had a feat for the longest time called Smart that allowed a character to get a +1 to an attribute that worked just like the attribute advancement. Unfortunately, it stopped working at some point about 4 years ago and I've never been able to figure it out (been at it again this evening to no avail).

BUT, I did discover one of those special things with aNormMod where two scripts are running at the same timing and you may have to squeeze code between them.

Anyways, the aNormMod should be adding to the attributes, not adjusting the attribute bonus in a negative way (which is what it appears to be doing). That is, if you add that attribute through the uINT (+1 Intelligence selection at every 4 levels) it works fine, but adjusting it further in a script oddly treats it as a negative value and adjusts the skill points appropriately. That explains what is happening with my stuff, but the point at which it happens (PostAttributes 100) has two scripts that I can't get between.

Might be one of the many broken things in the d20 files that don't get fixed on a regular basis. Such is the fate of a defunct product that doesn't have a great influence on future development.

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