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So at the last minute, we found out from GAMA that they had made arrangements for Felicia Day to play in one of our schedule Shadowrun games at Origins this year. Holy crap, right? Well, she never played Shadowrun before, so it was up to us to provide her with a character. We were told she enjoyed playing magic-users, but otherwise it was left up to us what to create for her.

Due to some confusion behind the scenes, I found out Friday evening that it was falling to me to create Felicia's character for the following evening. So I headed back to my hotel room early and fired up my laptop and Herolab.

Let me tell you, while I've been a huge supporter of Herolab for years, I've never loved the program more than that night. It made my life so much easier. I wanted to create a couple different styles of character for Ms. Day to play, so this was a breeze to do.

And even better, the character sheets look absolutely fabulous. Since she was new and playing a mage, I toggled on all the feature descriptions, so that it said right on her sheet exactly what all of her special abilities, her qualities, her spells, and her metamagics actually did. All told it was an 8-page character sheet, but it laid out everything her character did very simply and in a very easy to read manner.

Plus, since this was a Missions event, having the Missions contacts built in meant I could give her a couple of them very easily, which helped her connect with some of the other players because they had some of the same NPCs in common.

CGL's Art Director, Brent Evans, whipped up a beautiful picture of her as her character to go along with this, and we bound the whole thing up at Kinko's for her.

Major kudo's and thanks go out to Mathias, Colin, and the whole Herolab team, because without them, her character wouldn't have been half as cool and would have taken me a hell of a lot longer to work up


P.S. For those wondering, I made an ex-Lone Star Forensics Mage specializing in spirits and support spells as well as an Urban-tribe Amerind Combat Shaman for her to choose from. She chose the Forensics Mage and had a fantastic time with it.
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