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I'm far from an expert, I've just been messing with it since I bought it thursday.

However it's definitely doable.

You can't add a new template, just add resources for templates that already exist.

If you want to add a new template, for now I'd say add it under an existing template (whichever is mechanically closest) and if we have the datasets done, it's an incentive for them to add the template (they could convert it from one format to another so long as your .user file only has stuff for the one template in it).

Advice I'd give you: In the editor, click help: go through the tutorials, they're pretty short. Do them in order, and you should be able to do pretty much anything.

I do have one major question though: "Test Now!" adds a thing to the character builder. How do I add an entire .user file at once?
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