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I am trying to get a power extra to work with the array when it is dynamic. the power extra reads as follows.

When applied to a power with Dynamic Alternate Effects, this modifier provides 1 additional point per rank to be distributed among those Alternate Effects. Essentially, this allows more powers to be activated at once with greater potency without making the base power effects themselves more powerful. No one of these powers can have more points allocated to it than
its normal maximum.

Do not include the cost of this extra when considering how many points are available to build the primary power’s Alternate Effects. It is purchased in a fashion that serves as a pool of points that is applied directly to the array itself. This extra cannot provide more additional points than the maximum required to activate all Dynamic Alternate Effects simultaneously.

The dynamic extra of a power effect within an array need not be paid for from the reservoir’s available points in order to activate the desired alternate effect, even if using the effect at its full capabilities.

Basically short answer is this what ever is the cost of the main govnering power it adds it to the dynamic array example

Array cost (38) reservoir (36)
Fireball 12 -- 36(Cone area range damage)dyn
FireFlight 10 -- 20 dyn
fireport 12 -- 24 dyn

Thanks for the help.
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