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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
Realm Works is written in .Net so do not count on a Linux version any time soon. There may be a web client eventually which may be the best you can hope for. The same goes for HL as far as I know.
KBS666, thanks for the information. I did not know LWD was using .NET to code RW and HL. Since the are or were looking to hire a C++ programmer, I assumed the code was written in C++, and Linux was written in C and some of its libraries in C++, so porting such code would not require much. However, .NET is a whole different beast. Though, that does beg the question what are LWD's programmers using to code on OSX and iOS, since those OSes are based on FreeBSD (UNIX) kernel? Duggan and Valyar, I was going to test with Wine here soon, but I had not heard of Mono. I will look for it too. The name alludes me at the moment, but there is also a paid version of Wine also that might be able to handle RW and HL a little better. Anyway All, thanks for your input. LWD, I reiterate that I will pay for another license if a native-Linux-port of RW and HL is done.


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