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Ah, but Transform is also "Lasting", as per page 70.
A Lasting duration denotes a power with a lasting effect the target must recover from by making additional saving throws, with a cumulative +1 bonus per previous save. A successful save ends the power’s effect. An Instant Lasting power allows a new saving throw each round on the initiative count when the effect occurred. A Concentration Lasting power allows a new save for each interval on the Time and Value Progression Table (see below) that passes, starting one minute after the power takes effect. A Sustained Lasting power allows new saves at the same intervals, except it requires only a free action to maintain, and if you concentrate during a time interval (taking a standard action each round), the subject does not gain the cumulative +1 save bonus for that interval. If you stop maintaining a Sustained Lasting power, its effects continue until the target successfully saves to shake off the power’s effects. A Continuous Lasting power does not allow new saves against it at all; it lasts until the power’s effect is countered or reversed in some way, even if you switch to an Alternate Power (see page 108).
Since it doesn't instantly switch off with Instant, after the user stops "maintaining" it, I'd argue that the death of the person who did Continuous doesn't stop it either.
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