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Originally Posted by Duggan View Post
That's one way to look at it, although on the flip side, how likely is that to last longer than the death of the person who used the power?
The slow fade? Quite a while, I imagine.

In terms of inanimate objects (other than Devices), they can't make saves, so transformations are always effective and always permanent. For animate objects, upon death of the wizard, they may not turn back to flesh, but they continue to make saves. Or they don't as the plot requires.
As I understand it, if the power is not permanent but 'only' continuos. Then objects turn back if the power user dies. No save required.
And the Power User can always turn of their power, if they want to do an reset and begin from anew.

Thats really important if you deleted the word document by mistake and there is no undo button
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