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Originally Posted by Mumblewump View Post
RavenX, this is great news. Is there an easy way to be notified when it's all ready?
I will be posting on the forums here. I'm currently on Wicked Graceful Masques.
In addition to the Core Rulebook, I have the Manuals of Exalted Power done for Lunars, Abyssals, Dragon Blooded, Infernals, and Sidereals. Though I expect the Alchemicals will take at least a week or so on its own due to the additional mechanics I have to rig up for it. Graceful Wicked Masques has been quite a lot of work on its own. The Alchemicals is the last of the Manuals of Exalted Power I have to do. The majority of the data for the Books of Sorcery are done as well, though not the stock portfolios. Those will take awhile. I also have to go through everything and make sure its consistent with the Scroll of Errata as well.


Please do not PM me to inquire about datafiles I coded "for personal use" such as Exalted, World of Darkness, AD&D, or Warhammer 40K Roleplaying. I appreciate your interest, but I do not own the Intellectual Property rights to these game systems. Nor do I have permission from any of the Publishers to distribute the data files. As such, I cannot distribute the work I have done with community on these files. They are "for personal use" only. Thank you.
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