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This URI mechanism sounds like it would be the most useful for OpenRPG, MapTool or similar/derivative VTTs where hyperlinks can be sprinkled in more places than something like Roll20, but I'd love to see it as well despite my focus on Roll20 these days.

The auto-XML-export flag doesn't seem as attractive to me, and I can imagine it would take some serious extra work. This feature would almost exclusively benefit power-users like us who can script out specific conversion processes to translate the XML data from an assumed, non-guaranteed format into the VTT's data format.

While I'd marginally benefit from this secondary import flag feature personally, it's not something I would want LW to spend any significant extra time on considering I might as well export the whole batch of the items I want to import into my VTT in one shot, and write my script to import them all in one shot into the VTT data, instead of item-by-item.
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