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Hi. After reading this thread I wrote an email to Paradox Interactive.

I informed them that I was an avid player of World of Darkenss over the years and I also told them about Hero Lab.

I asked them if, as new owners they knew of the relationship between the previous owners and if there were any plans to update the licencing agreement so I as a GM/storyteller could use Hero Lab with the latest editions of the various rule sets.

A week later the CEO of Paradox Interactive emailed me. He told me that they did not know of the licensing agreement. He also asked me to put him in contact with the relevant people at Lone Wolf Development because they would like to reach a licencing agreement with Lone Wolf Development and make the latest editions available for Hero Lab.

So, how do I pass on the contents of that email to the relevant people at Lone Wolf Development? How do I pass on the contact details of the CEO so that you guys can get a talking and I can get a playing?

I will also send this message via the support mechanism as I am not sure how often this particular thread is checked.

Thanks in advance.

PS - If you are an official Lone Wolf Development employee, you might want email me at the address associated with this forum account as I do not check this forum as regularly as I do my email.
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