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Alas, no.

The project was started when my group used Alternity for two campaigns in a row, something we hadn't done before. I finished it up at the tail end of one and the start of another. We got to use it and refine it during the second. I was pretty happy although I knew it needed work.

We talked about doing a third campaign and using only Alternity but it was not to be. Too many of us, myself included, want to try other systems and see what they can do. Then, six months ago, we came back to Alternity for a SciFi game and once again enjoyed the mechanics of it. For a few months, we played around with the idea of using Alternity for all of our games. I think once we started delving into that idea, and the group saw how much work it would be to modify and update Alternity, especially for fantasy, the idea died.

We are back to Pathfinder for the current campaign and there is talk of FATE, Scion, Exalted, or even WoD for the next one. I only make time to work on it when we play Alternity and usually to fix what my players need. At the moment, it looks like it could be a while before we get back to Alternity. But we are all fickle and who knows?

Sorry if this was more than you wanted! I wanted to explain a bit of my motivation for the project and why it has waxed and waned over the years.

It's also strange to me because when your notification of this post arrived, I realized I hadn't been to these forums in over six months. That seemed weird considering that I used to visit daily, especially when I was working on Alternity.

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