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Originally Posted by Xenesis View Post
Got a log?

I'll have to disentangle it from add-on stuff that I've made myself to add other Merits
i have the tags if that's what you mean. * means the tag isn't there.
aGFlak - thing aFlakF*
mGBioTol - thing mBioTol*
mGDemolish - thing mDemolish*
mGImprov - thing mimpWeapon*
mGParkour - thing mparkour*
mGTrained - thing mTrained*
mxGParkou 1-5 - thing mxparkou 1-5* (separate of course)
wGImpExcp - thing wImpmer2*
wGImpNrml - thing wImpmer1*
wGStunGun- thing wRStunGun*

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