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Because reasons, I've done this myself.

I'm putting it up for anyone else to enjoy, hopefully it serves you well.

There may be some bugs, I may have incorrectly copied something across, etc etc. Tell me if there's any issues.

User file is here

Select the Source "God Machine" for the basic merits, equipment and so on. This also hides or replaces any of the default nWoD merits/equipment.
Select the Source "God Machine Extra Rolls" to add some source rolls for various merits.
Select the Source "God Machine: Supernatural" to include all the Supernatural merits and equipment!

I haven't found a way to do flat experience costs, so it's up to you to do it yourself when using the advance tab. By default, the "Roll" Beats Counter is shown and it has a tracker on the activated effects.

Likewise, the new defence system has options - Defensive Combat for Weaponry and Brawl as merits, and Athletics by default. Toggle on/off to add the defence.

Professional training bootstraps the two asset skills as Merits, and you can buy the third one for free when you hit PT3.

Vices and Virtues, I haven't figured out any way to make it a custom text field, so there's just a mechanic that blanks out the field on printed sheets/main window regardless of what you select. Likewise, there's a pair of flaws to take that give you 5 spaces to write your character's breaking points. Hacky, but what can you do? I'm not a developer with a code wand :P

As I couldn't wrangle a nice way to show a weapon's damage without increasing their roll, it's in their name. And so is the initiative penalty as that's a new thing, that's not represented in any of the fields.

I've done absolutely no changes to the Vampire material, especially with Blood and Smoke in the near future, but that's a job for someone else - I'm not a vampire player and it doesn't interest me!

No extensive changeling-related changes yet, just the fairest curse on the degeneration roll and the change to Elements 2: Elemental Fury's Weapon and Armour.

Tell me if I've blooped anything.
Have fun?!

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