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Oh, thank you. In fact, the In-Play tab gives temporary adjustments, while the Personal tab lets me do permanent adjustments. Awesome! I'm afraid I've only just started playing with Hero Lab for my own campaign (usually the hubby runs them, but even he didn't know this) and I couldn't find this anywhere. I was trying to figure out how to change the steps, and the Editor seemed the only way.

The reason I wanted to make the change was because I've got 42-point characters just starting out. One of my guys made his concept essentially a god, so I suggested a compromise where he *was* a god but somehow he'd been trapped inside the body of a kitten and therefore was suffering from severe limitations on his usual abilities (think Illyria in Angel). A kitten is neither very strong nor vital, so I let him have those at D2 while he boosted his Int and Wil. I'm actually looking forward to running this character. I'm already laughing at the idea of a kitten strutting around meowing, and everyone hearing telepathically, "Why do you not kneel before me, mortal scum!?!" It ought to be hilarious.
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