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Of course the real annoyance is anyone who knows XML knows this is just an afternoon of programming and a smidge of QA time to fix.

Well, having worked with the XML now for a few days, I have few feature requests:

<power> elements should have a "base" attribute that names the base power. base="Damage" or base="Affliction". That info is non-existent except in the name attribute if you feel like parsing for it.

<power> should also have attributes for range/duration/action types: rangetype="close" duration="instant" action="standard" or rangetype="personal" duration="sustained" action="move" etc.

<advantage> tags should also have a "base" attribute. You can't easily search for "Close Attack" when name="Close Attack 3"

Why is "dc" an attribute of <attack> but not <power> and "range" is an attribute of <power> but not <attack>?

<attack> should have a defense attribute. defense="Parry".
<attack> should have a resistedby attribute. resistedby="Toughness"
<attack> should have a rangetype attribute. rangetype="perception"

<cost> should have a "base" attribute that tells you what the power costs outside of an array, ignoring any alternate powers, and ignoring the removable flaw. For example: "Damage 10 alternate effect Nullify 8" costs 11. In the xml you get <power name="Damage 10"><cost value="11">...<alternatepowers><power name="Nullify 8"><cost value="1">...</power>
Adding base would get us: <cost value="11" base="10">... <cost value="1" base="8">

<cost> should also have "perrank" or "perpp" attribute so you know how much the power costs per rank (or ranks per PP). For dynamic powers, this is important to know.

The <personal> section is missing <personalizations><personalization> for "Add New Personalization" found on the Personal tab within Hero Labs.

I'm sure I'll find more things missing or that would be helpful as I progress.

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