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Originally Posted by Vallaki View Post
I'm looking for some guidance on using a feat (or a class feature) that stacks levels onto a Monk's Flurry of Blows for purposes of determining how many attacks are given, but not counting those extra levels as a +1 attack adjustment to the FoB attack routine.
Number of attacks is based on BAB. I think an enhancement was done where the array values of iterative attacks maybe exposed on each Weapon Pick now. Meaning you have to go after each specific weapon individually and adjust them. Honestly I have not looked in a long time.

Otherwise all you are doing is affecting BAB and HL his hard-coded to give iterative attacks per every 6 points.

P.S. - You also never say WHAT you are trying to accomplish. Please give details of what END result you are trying for so its easier for us to help you. You could be approaching the issue all wrong and another easier way exists. But its hard to tell from just a question of "I want to change BAB iterative attacks".

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