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At 05:43 PM 3/6/2007, you wrote:
do they ever check the support email? i have been waiting for 2 days and no response? i got a new comp and cant remember what email i used to activate originally now i cant get off demo mode
Emails sent directly to technical support are typically answered within 48 hours. However, if you sent the inquiry over the weekend, there are no guarantees whether the queue will be checked over the weekend. So an email sent on Saturday might be replied to until Tuesday, since that's technically two BUSINESS DAYS of response time.

Please remember that we're a TINY company and don't have staff just waiting around 24/7 to provide support. We generally do an excellent job with support, with users often complimenting us for doing a much better job than many large companies they deal with. But it still takes time to get everything done. :-)

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