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Originally Posted by Nokowi View Post
It's possible to incorrectly get improved critical effect when taking one level of Master Thrower (complete warrior) and one level of Swordsage (tome of battle).

1. Make a Level 1 Swordsage, Level 1 Master Thrower character.
2. Purchase a dagger, and note the crit range as 19-20.
3. Choose Shadow Hand for Discipline Focus cSwoDFWF
4. Go to feats and select dagger for weapon focus fWepFoc

The crit multiplier will change to 17-20.


Removing either the Shadow Hand discipline (Shadow Hand) choice or the feat weapon focus dagger choice will remove the increased threat range for daggers.

Without a level of Master Thrower, this does not happen.

When the (incorrect) threat range is increased, no improved critical feat is ever listed on the player tab.
This may be a byproduct of the Critical Throw ability for master throwers. They get it at level 5 but it might be triggering at level 1 for some reason Sendric
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