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Jim Beszhak wrote:

>Sdw11R17 which equates to Shadows (set #11), rare, card #17. The foil
>version of this card has been tagged by Decipher as 11RF2. Set #11 rare
>foil card 2.
>Normally - since there was ALMOST always a foil of each standard style card
>it was easy to just have both styles in the set and both cards had the same
>collectors info.

I had a similar situation with the Duelmasters files. Some of the cards
were numbered differently between the English and Japanese versions.
Rob had recommended the best way to handle this (since all the card info
wasn't identical) was to use seperate records for each card.

I also wouldn't worry about naming the foil cards differently (since you
can show duplicate cards within cardvault anyway). Just let the users
know what changes you made in the FAQ.

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