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Reposted from the main Hero Lab forum:

I built the Duplicator character from Instant Superheroes, p. 23. The character has the following power:

Duplication 10 (Extras: Action[Move], Horde, Survival; Power Feats: Mental Link, Sacrifice, Progression 4 [25 duplicates])

When building this power in Hero Lab, I noticed that there was a modified Progression power feat that counted the number of duplicates. But when I took that feat, I got the following validation error:

Entity 'Unnamed' - Horde: Requires Progression power feat.
The error disappeared when I replaced the custom Progression feat with the standard Progression feat. I think the Horde extra should require the custom version of Progression instead of the standard version.

Edit: Found the bug, and a fix.

The horde extra has the following pre-requisite:

@valid = pickexists[pfProgress]
Changing it to this should fix the problem:

@valid = pickexists[pfDupProg]
Happy to help. :twisted:
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