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I can't possibly be the only one to notice dozens of cards
incorrectly marked diamond legal am I? It seems many cards from HE
and WOC that are fixed reprints (such as Rallying Cry, Superior
Tactics, Jade Works, and Entrapping Terrain), and are NOT Diamond
legal or even printed with the Diamond bug, are listed as Diamond
legal. What is even worse, is that all prior versions of these cards
are marked as Diamond legal. I thought I could get away with simply
hand editing the HE and WoC data files, but all the cards incorrectly
marked Diamond legal are listed as such in ALL data files. Changing
every data file would take a long time. Can someone tell me if they
are working on fixing this? After I build a deck in CV, I have to
verify every card is legal at

Thank You,

P.S. I am using the latest CV (1.5a) and the latest L5R data file

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