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More than likely, you've been bit by a bug that slipped through all testing
for Card Vault. On some computers, disabling automatic updates checking
will result in no updates being accessible under any circumstance. This bug
was fixed in V1.0b and can also be worked around by simply enabling
automatic checking. The best solution is to enable automatic checking,
retrieve the latest product update, then modify the setting back to where
you want it. You can modify the setting as follows:

1. Launch Card Vault.
2. Load the Tutorial Samples data files.
3. Go to the Settings menu and select Automatic Update Checking (at the
4. Select either the Network Connection or Dial-Up Modem Connection, as
appropriate to your computer.
5. Exit Card Vault.
6. Launch Card Vault again and update-checking should work fine.

After you get the updates working, retrieve and install V1.0b, then you can
switch your settings back and the product should run fine.

Sorry about this!!!

At 02:28 AM 9/22/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>I have the Demo Ver. I tried to download from Lone Wolf site. Keep
>coming up no file. What should I do.

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