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Hi Geoff,

First of all, I believe that data files are already available for Star Wars
from WotC. You might consider checking on that before invested major effort
in this project. Or are you just working on an additional file to add to
the current material?

Valid ids must subscribe to the following rules:
1. Must be 10 characters or less.
2. May only contain the character A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and the underscore ('_').

Complete documentation on how to create data files for Card Vault will be
released shortly. We have a few high priority things that must be finished
first, but I hope to release full docs in the very near future. I recommend
waiting just a little longer, since just about all your questions will
likely be answered by the docs and it will save you a great deal of

Thanks, Rob

At 10:32 AM 9/5/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi, I'm trying to create a data file for the wizards Star Wars TCG.
>I've written a program that downloads card content from the star wars
>website and converts then into a card vault data file.
>Unfortunately I keep getting "invalid unique id" message for the card id.
>What makes a valid id?
>one of the auto generated id's:

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