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Originally Posted by johnkzin View Post
I have a question about the Kensei Monastic Tradition in Xanthar's Guide, and how it's supported by the community pack:

The ranged kensei weapon choice at 3rd level doesn't seem to allow thrown weapons. I can see how it's questionable for something like the handaxe, dagger, or spear (thrown melee weapons probably requiring a DM ruling to use them there) ... but it also doesn't allow the dart, which seems completely weird.

Why are thrown weapons being left out?
This is definitely an error. Hero Lab doesn't have a specific "Ranged" tag, rather it has two: RangeProj and RangeThrow. It looks like the Kensei was programmed to only look for RangeProj, which means it filters out the Dart, a RangeThrow weapon. I'll fix it to look for either one in the next release.

If you want to fix it for yourself in the meantime, you can go to line 1464 of COM_5ePack_XGTE - Classes.user and change "wCategory.RangeProj" to "(wCategory.RangeProj|wCategory.RangeThrow)". Alternatively, you should be able to select darts for your next Kensei weapon at level 6. That code doesn't share the problem.

Nice catch.

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