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[SWADE] - How to add a power as an innate ability
  1. Create "Innate Abilities" Arcane Background. Make note of the ID you give it.
  2. Go to the Invalid Powers button and select all of the listed powers. Leave Power Points and number of Powers empty. You can adjust these through scripts.
  3. Create Racial Ability / Property which adds the power you are looking for.
  4. Bootstrap the Arcane Background from (1) and the Innate Power to the Ability / Property created in (3)
  5. Open the Tags section of the bootstrap for your innate power.
  6. Add Arcane as the Group with the ID from (1) as the Tag.
  7. Save and Reload your data, Select the race with the new Ability/Property. See the shiny new "Innate Abilities" tab with the power you've made innate.

Of course, you may have to create a new power depending if your power has any innate modifiers like Range (Self) or such.

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