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unfortunately, at least as far as I can tell, magnifier is absolutely unusable for me. Because I cannot easily move where it's focused while changing things and editing, I really can't use it...about 10x as many steps as are needed to see anything. And, again, I despise some of the new systems because of basic game design choices they've made (tying stats to class/race combinations is a big one, as I, and many of those I play with, like playing 'outlier' characters, those who have distinct drawbacks instead of being fully 'balanced')...It is a shame that the company does not consider something like upgrading the view, because some of the more common options just don't work for a lot of us. And when *every* other program that I need allows me to adjust in window, that's making this less usable almost daily. (note: my problem is due to vertical double vision, which makes small text almost completely illegible due to 'overlap', so getting larger text is really the only choice for me).
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