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Originally Posted by EightBitz View Post
I know people on disability who have to stretch their income far enough as it is without being beholden to a subscription fee.
That's too bad (and I'm in that boat, actually) but that doesn't change how difficult it would be to redo the UI or how likely it is that LWD would spend their time on this aspect of HLC vs. anything else they're doing (especially if those other things include a reasonable alternative).

Originally Posted by EightBitz View Post
Also, the games they play are not supported in HLO.
Thus why I said "Looking forward, if...".

Originally Posted by Duggan View Post
I don't know the exact code used in Hero Lab Classic, but I remember when having UIs that sized intelligently when zoomed in and out on Windows was high-tech stuff. Either that, or it worked like early Java where you didn't get to decide how your UI presented itself.
Yeah, and you can't blame folks for working with the technology and limitations of the time. Backwards compatibility is a double-edged sword. :(

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