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now, to begin with, I've got almost all the books I could need for pathfinder 1 (and won't be updating to pathfinder 2, as I do not like several basic assumptions in it). I have been gaming for many years, but, due to various problems, including a worsening case of vertical double vision, it's getting nearly impossible for me to use my tools as this is the only program out of what I use for my online tabletop gaming that I would have to use *monitor controlled* scaling in order to read well. The fact that you cannot in program alter the resolution, thus leading to very poor views for those of us with legitimate visual impairments, is troubling. Please, though you think that the classic version is dead, recognize that there are a lot of us (older gamers, in many cases) who have a hard time reading the screen properly at such tiny text sizes. My monitors use normal scaling (1080p) for most things, and it would be counter-intuitive to attempt to change one monitor merely for that one program when running or playing via vtt and voice chat. I imagine, if it got out, in fact, that you were working to integrate such 'disability friendly' features, the program (and others by this company) would get an even wider following, if you need the impetus for it. But yes, there are disabled gamers, and serving that community is an important part of business.

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