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Ok so I've been hearing some stuff about HeroLab Online. Unfortunately almost all of it has been negative. I want to check my info before making any decisions though.

I have been told that not only will I have to purchase a package for each book I want to add to HL (just like in classic), I will now have to spend another $30 dollars a year just to keep using it. Forever. That kinda sticks in the craw sideways.

I have also been told that since it is an 'online' program. You have to have web access to use it. Many of the places I go gaming do not necessarily have web access for everyone all the time.
That would mean I'm paying all this money just to have a little nicer looking sheet that I have to print out every time.
Part of the reason I liked HeroLab is that it is up on my laptop and I can look at the feat or spell detail right on my screen. Not needing to go searching through umpteen books for the details.
If true, this will definitely be a deal breaker for me.

I have been using the HL Classic for years. I am hoping it is not as bad as I'm hearing. What can you folks tell me?
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