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Yes, I did. It applies the mental scores and saves, also applies the proficiency boni to skills, but does not apply the mental bonus scores to skills. For example, Perception of a Wolf only changes from +3 to +4 when I activate the Wildshape Adjustment on a level 5 Druid with 18 Wisdom.

That's +3 proficiency bonus from the Druid instead of +2 from the Wolf, but still the same +1 Wis from the Wolf's own Wisdom score of 12 instead of +3 from the Druid's Wisdom score of 18. So the ability bonus recalculation is missing.

Furthermore I noticed that the Wildshape Adjustment needs to be turned off and on again when something is changes on the Druid main character (like a Wisdom increase or level). Else the new stats do not get updated.

Last but not least: Attuned magic items that change mental stats are taken over by the minion (Headband of Intellect), but physical item stats are not (Belt of Dwarvenkind)? Which one is the correct handling?

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