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Hey diphycue! If I have time today during my lunch hour, I'll make a new thread with a full progress update and a link to the file (I don't have it on my work laptop because work). Just so you are aware, the races are all there but the Simic Abilities and the Vedalken's Tireless Precision aren't implemented in my build yet. I have some ideas how to do them, but that's gonna take some more time.

I have all the backgrounds in, but have not implemented the Guild Contacts lists or programmed the Guild Spells. For the spells, I'm betting you can achieve that through adjustments for now. For contacts, you'll probably want to just write them in the character's journal or personal pages. I'm hoping for more input from the community on how to programmatically achieve those.

Totally unrelated, nice to see a fellow Missourian on here! St. Louisan here myself.
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