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Originally Posted by Colen View Post
Windows updates like Portilis describes should no longer require a license reassignment - this was something we fixed several months ago, so it should no longer affect users.

Based on your support ticket, it looks like you updated to a new version of the OS (Windows 10 Home -> Windows 10 Pro). This changes some critical information about the computer, so to Hero Lab it looks like a new device - there's not unfortunately not much we can do about this.

I've flagged your license for an early reassignment and responded to your support ticket, so you should be good to go on this.
I also am having this issue, but I have not significantly changed anything in the last 48 hours or so that I know of. Now I find myself locked out for a couple of days. I am not very happy about this turn of events, tonight was going to be the first game I played using this software. I have entered my early reactivation ticket, but with a response time of 1-2 days there is little point in hoping to use this tonight.

There may not be much you can do about it; but as far as early impressions go this is a pretty bad one.
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