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Originally Posted by gbowering View Post
I may be doing something wrong, but I often get a validation error on my Peasant Bowman units.
The rulebook states that there is a 100 maximum.
My current lists have anywhere from 30 to 60 bowman, but I seem to occasionally get this error in the validation results at the bottom of the printout.
This error can occur if you have the roster size set to less then 3000 point because then Warbands count restrictions are in effect. You may also find it when you start at Warbands size then change to roster size to above Warbands. If it does just remove the bowmen unit to clear the error then add them back in. Additionally you may find this error as in a Warband setting you can only have 2 units in the army total.

DL release 1.38 or higher again
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