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I found two things in the latest AB for 9th Age that are incorrect:

[PROBLEM IS FIXED] 1. In the magical weapons list, the Dragon Lance is missing

Dragon Lance ​(45 / 35 pts)
Type: Lance. The wielder gains Breath Weapon (Strength
3, Flaming Attacks). Attacks with this weapon have
Multiple Wounds (D3) in the Round of Combat directly
after the wielder has charged into combat. This bonus
can only be applied to attacks directed against the
charged enemies.

2. Bug Wafers of Penitence
When I select a Damsel or Great Damsel, you can select the Wafers of Penitence as an Arcane Item. That is correct. But if you select any enchanted item next to this, it says you can't have 2 enchanted items...

Arcane Items
Wafers of Penitence ​ (15 pts)
Generate D3+1 Wafers before the battle, at the end of
Deployment. When making a Dispel Attempt, after
rolling Dispel Dice, the bearer may decide to use a single
Wafer to add +1 modifier to the dispel roll (this is an
exception to the Magic Modifiers rule). Once used, a
Wafer cannot be used again.

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