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Heh, sorry.

Ok. The Thallion riders have three Options that give them 2 new abilities each. They can only have one Option and it's the same for all the Models in that Unit. I've structured the abilities in Confrontation as a Tag Group in Army Builder that basically print out the name of the ability on the printout and the roster view and that's it. For example the Vigilante Option will give the models the Instinctive firing(abili.infi) and Scout(abili.scou) ability...

However, in Rag'Narok you can add Commanders and Independents to a Unit. These added Units will not benefit from the additional abilities, just the Thallion riders.

So, in the Rag'Narok file I have a Unit called Thallion Riders that I've added the linkset with the Vigilante, Judge and Executioner Options. That Unit has the Rider Unit and Thallion Leader Unit added as "Cost" Options. Leaders cost 10AP more than the regular troops, +1 boost in two different characteristics and have an additional ability assigned to them (Leadership/0) annnnnd you can have a unit full of leaders or a unit without leaders :roll: . So, I'm trying to have the Thallion Riders Unit assign the two ability Tags to the Rider and the Leader...but not to any other Unit that might be added on.

Simple, n'est pas?

Just wait till I start adding the Army Packs! :shock:

Thanks Rob!

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