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Ok, I'll back up a bit and try explaining it differntly.

Right now, there is only 1 GM per Realm.
Initial creation of a Realm and Syncing are the only things which require The Cloud.

The GM can always edit their local copy of the Realm, Syncing when/if they wish.

With something like Realm checkout, the only change a single GM would notice is the addition of a "checkout" box.

The single GM would create a new Realm and it would automatically be checked out to them.
The GM can still always edit their local copy of the Realm, Syncing when/if they wish.
They just simply never check it in. Nothing changes.

However, this setup allows multiple GMs to share editing responsibilities, giving the others a break.
Note: This is not simultaneous edits by concurrent users.

GM1 would create a new Realm, which is automatically checked out to them.
GM1 makes any offline changes they wish.
GM1 Syncs, and checks it back in - retaining their (now read-only) local copy for reference.

GM2 checks out the Realm, recieving an editable local copy of GM1's work.
GM2 makes their changes offline.
GM2 has made good progress but isn't complete with their work yet.
GM2 Syncs with The Cloud, but retains the checkout.

GM1 can Sync with The Cloud, recieving GM2's updates.
GM1's local copy is still read-only, but now contains the updates that GM2 made.

GM2 contines to work offline.

Eventually, GM2 would Sync and Check In, and GM1 could then Check it back out again. Or a 3rd GM...

Without sharing logins, and without requiring constant connection to The Cloud, this is the only way to safely have multiple GMs per Realm. By only allowing one to edit at a time.

It's basic document management checkin/checkout functionality, but treating the entire Realm as a document.

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