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Sorry, still having trouble reconciling this:

Originally Posted by lifer4700 View Post
Originally Posted by MaxSupernova View Post
Which can be solved by making it impossible to check out a Realm for editing if you're offline, which causes problems of its own...
That's the way it works.
With this:
Originally Posted by lifer4700 View Post
There is nothing preventing someone from working offline in that description. In fact, it fully supports working offline, exactly as it is now, except for the fact that once you first create the realm, you would also do a "checkout".
Especially considering you mentioned being able to update changes to your realm (the same as "Syncing" unless I'm misunderstanding you) without allowing the realm to be accessed for edit by another device. So I guess if you sync but forget to release write protection, you just don't get to work on the realm again until you get back home.

I must be missing something basic here, because this all seems needlessly complicated for such a small benefit.
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