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Originally Posted by Mystic Lemur View Post
So you would remove from everyone the ability to work offline (a purposeful design decision implemented by LWD to benefit gamers who don't always have internet access) so that a small subset of users could co-author realms?
Absolutely not!

There is nothing preventing someone from working offline in that description. In fact, it fully supports working offline, exactly as it is now, except for the fact that once you first create the realm, you would also do a "checkout".

Then work offline all you want.

The only way you would be preventing people from working offline is if you want to have multiple GMs working simultaneously. That's when you would need to be constantly connected. Unless you allow checking out of certain parts for offline work, allowing one person to work on the World Almanac, for instance, while another worked on Mechanics, and a third worked on Story boards and Encounters. But that's not horribly elegant either.

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