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Where it all went wrong
Originally Posted by sixbras View Post
It seems you are unable to give Great Weapons to your Thane with Battle Standard. ( As it say in the dwarf books).

But the RuleBook's Errata say it's possible.

Originally Posted by UltraPrime View Post
Fixed for 2.49
Psycho stating it being "fixed" actually broke it
Originally Posted by Psycho-Joe View Post
the rulebook errata say, that standard bearers from command groups can use other weapons and great weapons, there is no talk from character BSB.
so we must follow the rule that a thane BSB can't take any extra weapon or shield. I was wondering why i could add some.
so please fix it back ;-)
Just a simple mix up in thinking the "rulebook" in the first bug report implied the Dwarf book when it actually referred to the BRB
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