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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
We don't currently have a license for WOD stuff other than what we have. With the turmoil over the last month and White Wolf being... whatever happened to them, who knows what the future holds? You might try rallying support with the new owners of the campaign, see if they are interested in working with us on future products.
I had an e-mail discussion with someone from there today about expanding the license. It went like this:

Good Hello! I'm writing to inquire if you there is anything that I as a fan of the New World of Darkness series can do to get you to allow Lone Wolf Development to license out the rest of the NWoD books and put them into their Hero Lab program. I use the current files on there heavily and would LOVE to see the rest supported on there.

Thanks in advance for any response from you guys/gals,

-Holden A.

We don’t currently have plans to expand Lone Wolf’s license, but we appreciate your enthusiasm and will keep it in mind as things change. Thank you!

Eddy Webb

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CCP, hf.

I'm very sad to hear that. Is there anyhting that could be done to convince you to expand their license, such as an online petition that gets so many signatures or such?


The limitations are not due to a lack of perceived interest, so petitions and the like will be of no use. Sorry for the inconvenience!

- Eddy

Just out of curiosity what are the limitations? Is it that the files would have to be made on your end and you don't have the staff? If it is something that is pretty much never going to happen I will look into working with others to make the files our selves for home use.

Unfortunately I am unable to discuss the details, but it is unlikely that we will be able to reconsider this situation in the short term. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience!

- Eddy

So it looks like it's not going to happen. If we make our own versions of files for nWoD files are we aloud to share them on this forum or will that get you guys in trouble?
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