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Originally Posted by nightpanda2810 View Post
Wrote the below out, as I was going through it, but it's not there! Went back to the bard character I made, and it's there. Seems to only be available when class is set to Bard (which makes it useless, lol.)

Add a conditional bonus under temporary adjustments.

Once added, close that popup and click on the conditional bonus. 

Click on Unspecified and you'll find it in the list.
The adjustment is called "Conditional Bonus" and shows on my Sorcerer. Its a generic adjustment not specifically related to the bard ability. The note is just trying to be helpful to let you know the generic adjustment is available for use.

If I was playing with your Bard at a table I could add that adjustment two times to my character. Once for Attack Rolls by selecting "Attack Bonus" and Once for Damage Rolls by selecting "Damage Bonus". This is not a specific spell effect adjustment like PF1 has. Those are not in yet so they give you generic ones that can be used for MANY feats or spells.

You don't actually select "Inspire Courage" because giving a +1 bonus to Inspire Courage does not do anything.

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